Friday, 10 November 2017

Behind the Scenes: Roommate's Revenge

(My latest story, Roommate's Revenge, has just been made available on  You can read it at the link below.  I thought I would use this post to talk a little about the story, I hope to do the same with all my stories here in future).

Fed up with her nudist roommate ruining her dates, a scheming young woman carries out a revenge prank – but her roommate won’t be beaten so easily.
This was a story that grew out of one of the short caption tales I was putting onto Tumblr.  The original photo showed two young women cooking in an apartment – one clothed, one nude.  I saw this and and I spun something about having a roommate who is a nudist, and the difficulty the clothed roommate had with bringing home dates.

That spiralled into a tale of one-upmanship between the two girls – the (initially) sweet and naïve nudist and the more confident and aggressive narrator – that ends with the two giving in to passions that neither of them had previously realised they had.

It’s a bit of light fun, and was the last short story I wrote before beginning work on my novel-length tales.  It languished on my hard drive for a while but I recently found it and realised I had never shared it, so I decided to do so even as I am gearing up to ready my new novel for publication.

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