Saturday, 18 November 2017

Behind the Scenes: A Quiet Neighbourhood

A young college dropout develops a habit of streaking her sleepy suburban neighbourhood during the day.  When she meets a kindred spirit, adventure ensues.

This is in many respects your typical exhibitionist tale.  A lone female protagonist develops a kinky liking for public exposure.  She meets someone who shares her kink and in meeting, the two find themselves pushing each other further in the boldness of their exhibitionism, and of course along the way find themselves in some sort of sexual encounter also.

As such, it’s probably not my best but everyone has to do one of these, and it was certainly a way of condensing a lot of the influencing stories I have read so as to start crafting my own, hopefully more original, works.

When I published this, some reader feedback involved complaints that it was contrived and unrealistic.  I would not disagree, but I would add that the scenario demands contrivance, and that ultimately the purpose of erotica is not social realism but stimulation, which sometimes requires a certain suspension of disbelief.  Is a young woman out jogging naked and meeting a similarly naked, attractive female motorist who just happens to be a neighbour, something that could ever actually happen?  Probably not, but it’s more fun than the alternative.

In the end, it’s fantasy. 

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